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GOC launch Sol2023 Games Ambassadors Programme

The 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) today officially launched the Sol2023 Games Ambassadors Programme.

Part of GOC’s Community Engagement Strategy, the Programme is aimed at informing communities around the country about Sol2023, and inspiring young Solomon Islanders to participate and be part of sports.

The Programme also provides sports awareness and advocacy of the pathway from local villages and competitions to the grandest stages such as the Pacific Games that young local athletes can dream and aspire to achieve in their careers.

Today, GOC officially announced nine retired and current local prominent sportsmen and women who will be implementing the Programme throughout the country as Games Ambassadors.

They include; Athletics Icons: Jim Marau, Chris Votu and Primo Higa, former national Footballers turned Coaches: Batram Suri and Timothy Inifiri, Paralympian: Hellen Saohanga, Weightlifting Queen: Jenly Wini, Boxing Icon: Joseph Saimei and national Tennis Player and Coach: Junior Benjamin.

“The Ambassadors are representatives of every one of our provinces. They are elite level athletes who not only aspire to participate at the highest level, but have fulfilled and achieved their potentials in reaching the pinnacle of their sporting careers.

“They are a full representation of Solomon Islands and of what Solomon Islands can do and achieve in sports.”

Mr Stewart explained that through the programme, the Games Ambassadors will be touring all provinces in country, sharing their sporting experiences and expertise to inspire the next generation of elite athletes in the country.

“We are looking to inspire particularly the young children of Solomon Islands. The next generation of elite athletes to continue aspiring to reach the highest sporting levels they can potentially reach and achieve.

“Our Ambassadors embody that aspiration. They are people who can stand up in front of their families, friends, the people of their communities and share their experiences, be a living testament of how one can aspire, reach and achieve the highest levels and accolades in sport they can achieve through hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

“That is what we are looking to do with our Ambassadors through this programme,” he said.

GOC Board Chairman, Martin Rara commended the nine Ambassadors for partnering with the Sol2023 Pacific Games and its preparations, adding that they will be the face of the Games and that their involvement will connect people throughout Solomon Islands to the Games.

“As Games Ambassadors, you are the voice, the face, the legs of Sol2023 into the communities.

“You will be going out there as sporting icons of this country. Whenever people see you, they will see Sol2023 Pacific Games. The messages that you will pass and relay to our communities will inspire others to aspire and achieve greatness as you all have achieved.

“I believe that as you tell our communities about Sol2023 and of your success stories, our people will understand, accept and get the message directly from you as someone who has been to the Games, experienced the Games and had been part of the Games.

“This I believe will get Solomon Islands behind the Sol2023 Pacific Games,” Mr Rara said.

Meanwhile the first Ambassador tour is expected to commence upon the completion of the Games Nationwide Mascot tour this month.

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