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GAMES ROADSHOW reaches 7 Communities

GOC Outreach Program Rove | April 13, 2024
GOC-Workforce team Community Outreach program at Rove

The Sol2023 Pacific Games Roadshow program has reached six communities inside Honiara City.

Organized by the GOC’s Workforce Team and launched early this month, the roadshow is aimed at providing awareness on the Sol2023 Pacific Games and the services that will require the engagement of community groups before, during and after the Games.

The roadshow has thus far reached the following areas and communities; Independence Valley, White River, Rove, Mbokonavera, Vavaya Ridge, Tuvaruvu and Vara Creek respectively. It will continue in communities both within and outside of Honiara City.

“The importance of this roadshow is that it brings the Games to the people’s door steps. It gives community men and women the opportunity to ask questions about our preparations and most importantly how they can be involved and engaged with the Games.

“This in turn gave us the opportunity to talk more on the services that will require the engagement of established groups within our communities,” GOC Workforce Supervisor, Dorcas Taupongi said.

GOC will be engaging community groups to work at the Games Venues and Villages, providing Logistics and Laundry Services, and Cleaning and Waste Management Services.

“Logistics Services include providing manpower and labour across all venues and villages for the installation of temporary infrastructure such as tents, fencing, signage and furniture and also to fix things on-site.

“Community groups will be engaged to provide laundry services, clean-up all common areas restocking of cleaning supplies, collecting rubbish – those kinds of services.

“The Games will need the participation of our registered community groups to deliver these services during Games time this year,” Dorcas said.

The Games roadshow and the awareness programs shared have been deemed very useful and informative to many communities reached, with many commending GOC for such useful and beneficial initiative.

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