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Games Baton, a symbol of Unity

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The Baton making its first stop in Isabel province.

The Pacific Games 2023 (PG2023) Baton is a symbol of Unity – Unity through sports and through the cultural diversity of Solomon Islands and the Pacific Region.

Board Chairman of the PG2023 Organizing Committee, Martin Rara highlighted this during the official unveiling and launch of the Games Baton Relay, 100 days out from Games time.

Mr Rara said, “the Games Baton is a symbol of unity. As it travels around the country, it will unify our provinces, our islands, villages, communities and most importantly, our people through the Games.

“The Baton will fly over our islands, climb over our hills and mountains, descend on our valleys, cross our oceans and rivers, giving joy to our communities our people with the simple message of uniting and promoting Solomon Islands to the outside world,” Mr Rara said.

The design of the Baton captures every essence and aspect of Solomon Islands culture, values and shared experiences.

It stands as a powerful embodiment of unity, athleticism, cultural heritage and the country’s symbiotic relationship with nature.

• At its core, the design shows people coming together, holding hands in unity, representing the friendships formed through sports among people from different backgrounds.
• A running figure portrays athleticism and the competitive spirit of the Games, honouring the hard work athletes put into their sports.
• The frigate bird, revered in our culture, signifies its role in our daily life—helping with weather, guiding fishermen, and showing wind directions. This connects our heritage with the natural world.
• A wooden bowl and a fish in the design represent joyful feasting, inviting people and visitors to share warmth and togetherness, embodying our community spirit.
• Traditional patterns on the baton pay homage to our history, reminding us of our identity and linking us to nature’s beauty.

Mr Rara added that the three important messages the Games Baton ought to carry throughout Solomon Islands include:

• The Games Baton Unites the Nation
• The Games Baton Promotes Solomon Islands
• The Games Baton help Solomon Islanders feel they own the Games.

“It is our wish and desire that this Baton Relay will go throughout Solomon Islands, to all the villages, islands and people to pass this message,” Mr Rara said.

Since the official launch and unveiling, the Baton has been carried throughout villages within Hograno and Bugotu districts in Isabel province.

Meanwhile Solomon Airlines is the official sponsor of the Games Baton Relay.

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