Joseph Saimei ,the Games Ambassador

Saimei and team off to Shortland Islands

The Games Ambassadors
The SOL2023 Games Ambassadors

The Sol2023 Pacific Games Ambassadors Programme today begin its second tour of this month, headed to Shortland Islands, in the beautiful Western province of Solomon Islands.

Shortland Islands is renowned for producing some of the country’s finest boxing icons, its most famed son being Joseph Saimei, a two-time Pacific Games Super Heavyweight Boxing Champion and an official Ambassador of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

Mr Saimei and the GOC’s Community Engagement team today jetted off westward, to kick off the Ambassadors tour of Shortland Islands.

Part of GOC’s Community Engagement Strategy, the Ambassadors tour (launched early this month) is aimed at informing and educating Solomon Islanders about this year’s Pacific Games, and raising awareness about Sports and its benefits in communities throughout all nine provinces in the country.

As an Ambassador, Mr Saimei’s role is to share his sporting experiences and advocate on the pathways (from small scale village competitions to the grandest stage and international tourneys), inspiring local athletes to continue to aspire and pursue their sporting dreams, whilst at the same time work hard toward achieving it.

Mr Saimei said that he is grateful for the opportunity, the recognition and the trust placed upon him to be a Games Ambassador to his people of Shortland Islands.

“I am very grateful and so proud to go on this Ambassadors tour back to my people, in my homeland, the Shortland Islands. Being recognized by the Pacific Games as an Ambassador for Sol2023 is indeed something to be proud off.

“I am prepared and very much look forward to this tour. To be able to share my knowledge and experiences about boxing. Inspire and encourage young aspiring boxers to pursue their dreams, and work hard toward achieving it – become boxing champions in the future,” an emotional Saimei said.

The Ambassadors tour will cover six communities within Shortland Islands, namely; Maleai, Tuha, Toumoa, Kariki, Harapa and Falamai communities.

Meanwhile the first Games Ambassadors tour this month saw Solomon Islands sprint king, Jim Marau visit communities in Central, North and North East Guadalcanal.

Other Ambassadors still to go out on tour include; Chris Votu, Primo Higa, Batram Suri, Timothy Inifiri, Hellen Saohanga, Jenly Wini, Junior Benjamin and Jay Makana.

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